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Loan and Refinancing Services

Offering comprehensive funding options, the professionals at Halo Capital always keep client satisfaction as the nucleus of our organization. By employing highly effective and proven strategies in securing workable financing options, we help reduce the confusion and frustration that is often experienced when working with major banking institutions. From assistance with VA loans to refinancing help, we are truly here for each individual client.

As Des Moines’ most-respected local mortgage lender, we offer the following:

Rate Estimators

By helping you avoid the frustration and hassle of meeting with a banker, our rate estimator allows you access to an accurate quote in just minutes. With no credit check, cost or obligation, we offer a safe and secure way to find out what your options are without the need of a social security number. Find out what rate you qualify by calling us now. We’ll find those best rates and terms in just a few minutes of your time. Call us today!

Home Purchase Financing

By helping you narrow down your choices to the most viable funding options for your specific needs, our team helps you get the best rate securely and quickly with just one quick phone call. Your financial safety is protected, as any information you provide is kept private. We also never require that you divulge your social security number. With zero cost to you, our financing applications are provided at no obligation, eliminating the hassle of dealing with uncaring banking officials. Find out what rates and terms you qualify for by contacting us now. We have experience handling a variety of home loan types in Des Moines including FHA loans, VA loans and more!

Refinancing & Funding

Find that perfect refinancing package by calling our customer care team today. Our phone application process takes just two minutes and helps eliminate the hassle and time-consuming frustration of meeting with intimidating bankers. With zero cost and no obligation to you, our application process lets you know just what re-financing options you qualify for. Your information is always kept confidential and secure as we never need your social security number to process the information you give us. Find out what options we have available for you by calling today!

Debt Consolidation Options

Using the equity in your home is a great way to reduce unwanted debt. By offering you quick access to rate and term qualifications, we hope to eliminate the need for you to make an appointment with an institution that limits your financing options. By offering flexible, customizable debt consolidation options, we allow you to utilize the equity in your home to pay off bills, saving you money in the long run. Find out more about our debt consolidation programs by calling our customer care team today.

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