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Free Reports

Free Reports

In an effort to be a trusted resource regarding residential property loans of all types, we offer both existing and potential clients with a library of helpful financial reports. From tips on protecting yourself from identity theft, to maximizing your home improvement investments, our reports are written by industry experts who understand the nuances of their specialty.

Adding to and updating our free reports regularly, we hope to extend useful educational tools to those looking to protect or improve their bottom line. As Des Moines’ preferred home lending company, we have built an impressive network of resources that help us offer credible, useful information that is compiled in an easy-to-access library on our website. You can also call us directly to request digital reports sent to you, automatically and without hassle.

Our current free reports include these helpful issues:

Minimize Your Exposure to Identity Theft Online

Never before has internet use been so popular. With so many users shopping, playing games, interacting on social media platforms, researching news, and viewing videos or TV, the internet is more useful and helpful than it ever has been. Unfortunately, our cyber vulnerability is at all-time highs too. Learn how to protect yourself against online identity theft and experience a higher level of peace of mind while online.

Option Arm Basics: What You Should Know

Offering the choice of several different payment options, this adjustable rate mortgage plan allows borrowers to make payments that suit their financial needs. However, there are pitfalls that can end up hurting the borrower in the long run. With so much at stake, it’s important to know at least the basics of an Option ARM. Our report helps to ensure that you don’t get over your head by choosing the wrong payment option.

Home Improvement Projects: 6 Tips to Maximize Cost-to-Value

Generally speaking, home improvement projects are meant to enhance the functionality and beauty of your home, making it unique and personal to you. That being said, upgrades, renovations and remodels can be all be expensive investments – and investments are inherently meant to deliver a return. Make sure your projects are more likely to increase the value of your property by obtaining this free report. We’ll help you avoid throwing money at the wrong undertaking.

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